‘Halloween’ super fan edits Dr. Loomis audio into recent Halloween film scenes

halloween, 2018, fan edit

I loved the recent Halloween (2018) film. One thing it was missing is the late Donald Pleasence playing the iconic Dr. Sam Loomis. Obviously, since he passed in 1995, this wasn't possible. What they gave us was Dr. Sartain, whether you liked the character and his plot twist, or not. While I think the actor, Haluk Bilginer, …


[Trailer] ‘IT Chapter 2’

I'm not gonna say a whole lot about this trailer so check it out for yourself below.... https://youtu.be/zqUopiAYdRg Well? Are you ready for more Pennywise...? IT Chapter 2 is set to release September 6, 2019

[Trailer] ‘The Barge People’ trailer sates the practical effects thirsting

Somehow I must've missed the trailer for The Barge People because according to YouTube, the trailer has been out for a year. I don't think the full film isn't available yet but apparently it is premiering at Cannes this year. This film looks like a practical effects lover violent wet dream! We interviewed the films …

‘IT Chapter 2’ trailer coming this Thursday

A huge billboard at Times Square blasted a tease for the trailer for the upcoming It Chapter 2, which has been confirmed. The trailer will be released this Thursday, May 9th! https://twitter.com/fwolfhardupdate/status/1125426695681363968?s=21 The new film features the characters from the first film but all grown up and Andy Muschietti returning to direct. The Clown horror …