Short Film Review: Pigskin (2015)


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Grizzly, haunting, and eerily nostalgic are a few words that could describe Pigskin (2015). Written as a thesis project at Florida State University by Jake Hammond (The Slayride, The Funspot) and Nicola Newton (The Chambrel, The Funspot), Pigskin explores the inner recesses of adolescence and the inherent trauma that accompany it.

Set in idyllic suburbia, the short film follows Isadora Leiva as Laurie. A high school cheerleader, who after being asked out by the dreamy albeit “douchy” quarterback, is plagued by a disturbing corporeal manifestation of her physical insecurities.

The creeping cinematography and Leiva’s genuine performance impeccably capture the silent pain Laurie lives with as she tries to curb her self-destructive urges. The hormonally charged attention she receives from the studly quarterback fuels Laurie’s anxiety and after making plans to “hangout” after school, Laurie begins to see a sinister creature that soon begins to pursue her. Leiva’s impressive performance makes us feel every single emotion that goes through Laurie, which leaves us horrified and utterly captivated.

Pigskin, heavily influenced by old school 70s/80s horror, captures the perfect innocence and nostalgia of high school and gives it a gut-wrenching twist. Beautifully crafted and well directed, this short film will stay with you. Pigskin embodies a truly elegant horror.

It has been awarded by multiple festivals including, Fright Night Horror Weekend for Best Short, World Horror Con Film Festival for Best Cinematography and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival for Best Short Film and Best Editing, to name a few.

Although not yet released, more information can be found and the trailer can be seen at:










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