Mondo ‘Night of the Living Dead’ prints expected to rise from the grave

mondo, night of the living dead, poster, print

Mondo is killing it yet again with their screenprinting. This time they have teamed up with the amazing Ghoulish Gary again to release these Night of the Living Dead prints that are a tribute to the late, great George Romero. They will be released at a “random time” tomorrow September 7th. Odds are it wil be sometime between 11am-12pm EST. That seems to be the time range of all the other “random drops”. Your best bet is to turn on notifications with Mondo’s Twitter page. I don’t know which one I like better. The seafoam green is classic to the original title card but the red stands out so well! Which do you like?

NOTLD Variant

Each poster is 18 x 24 with the regular version (limited to 175) pricing at $45 and the red variant (limited to 100) priced at $75.

If you are big Night of the Living Dead fan, go check out our very own tribute fundraiser that honors George Romero. We are giving away a sick “King of the Living Dead” soft enamel pin and donating all proceeds to The Film Foundation.

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