Scary Basement Media releases 3 new original enamel pins!

scary basement media, horror, enamel pins, horror merchandise

Horror fans love their horror merch! We here at Scary Basement Media are no strangers to this ourselves. I have been obssesed with those little metal pieces of art for years now and have acquired a small army of pins myself. Bigger companies and smaller alike have released so many amazing pins over the years and we wanted to create something to give back to the community.

So, we teamed up with the amazing Cory Holiday of Vile Consumption to create three all orginal pin designs that pay respects to a few of the horror icons that have been frightening people for generations. Our Blood Lust pin goes for the jugular and pays homage to the classic vampire. We added red glitter paint fill in the eyes and blood splatter. The Blood Moon is beastly and send me back to the days of The Howling and the countless other werewolf film. Including the ever forgotten television series, Werewolf That damn show scared the hell out of me when I was a wee little horror fan. Oh, we also added glitter paint fill in the yellow moon and the piercing eyes. Last but not least, the Eerie Waters will make you thin twice about diving in that lake or pond. The glitter paint fill in the blue really makes this pin stand out.

All three pins are made of soft enamel and are 1.5″ in height and double posted with rubber clasps. Pre-order is available now in our store and this series is limited so get them while you can! Also, if you snag all three, you get free shipping! Just enter the promo code, SHIPPINGSUCKS.

Check out our SPOOKY, SHOCKING, and SCARY promo below!


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