George Romero finally gets his star


Finally, Romero is getting the recognition he whole heartedly deserves. The king of the zombie film is getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame later this month. This is acording to the Hollywood Walk of Fame producer, Ana Martinez’s Twitter account. There was a crowdfund going around tryig to raise funds for the star that unfortunately did not get funded but it looks like Romero will get his star anyways.

The event will take place October 25th at 8pm at The Alex Theatre in Glendale, California and you can get tickets! There’s going to be a celebrity Q & A and and a screening of one of Romero’s classics, Creepshow. For more information, check out the theater’s website.

Also, a while back, Scary Basement Media initiated a small fundraiser that pays tribute to George Romero and his standing in the horror genre. It includes a “King of the Living Dead” soft enamel pin (seen below) and all proceeds benefit The Film Foundation. Check out the fundraiser here. Long live the King of the Dead!

king of the living dead, enamel pin, george romero

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