Happy Death Day Movie Review


“It’s your birthday and now you gotta pick up the phone”. Tree wakes up to her phone reminding her it’s a day she doesn’t want anyone to know about. Her plans seem already foiled when she’s greeted by a guy asking her if she remembers his name because she was quite wasted the night before. After introducing himself as Carter all she seemingly cares about is if he has Tylenol for her splitting headache. We quickly gain knowledge into the personality traits of our main character and why the campus and her sorority sisters may not care for her.

She’s quickly gaining a lot of possible suspects. It only takes the first 24 hours to occur in less then 15 minutes of runtime. When she awakes on the second day to go through the process again she’s not quite convinced. It takes a few cycles for her to start freaking out about why she’s being murdered


When confessing to Carter her predicament he gives her the idea to make a list and, through process of elimination find out who wants her dead. Here’s where the movie kicks in with music that inspires her to streak the campus. I’m not sure why but what’s wrong with being confident?


From confidence,to high levels of frustration that land hard blows after, changes in who she stalks out don’t find her a clue-as in whodunit Sherlock!! After 15 deaths you’d think she’d solve this one!! Even I as an avid horror fan was picking the most obsure choices, to the ones not introduced quite yet. Add in a complication… the more she wakes up not having solved her death, the weaker she’s becoming. That information is told to her by the doctor who’s also her professor whom she’s having an affair with.

The final act was one of appreciation from the creators of Get Out you should expect nothing less. Needless to say I was pleasantly suprised we got cake and got to eat it too.

Worth the recurring trip even if the main character has no clue who Bill Murray is! WHAT? Another film from this year I saw similar in plot but, with more of a coming of age for every action there’s a reaction type plot you can also check out BEFORE I FALL.

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