A Stalkingly Fresh Breakdown Of The Movie Creep (2014)


Does contain spoilers!!!! If you have not seen this movie and want to, feel free to revisit this post after viewing this film.

I have just became aware of this indie film franchinse with the most recent release of Creep 2.


Directed by Patrick Brice
Produced by
And starring Mark Duplass
Jason Blum

I’d thought I’d run through my reaction and psychological interpretation of my first viewing on the film released on Netflix in 2015 before writing a review on its sequel.

Aaron is what I assume to be a freelance videographer who looks for extra work by way of Craigslist ads. He reaches out unknowingly of facts on his client and, books a job where he’s given directions all outside of the actual footage we see.

Upon the first scenes of the film we are instantly aware that’s it’s a video vlog handheld camera recording Aarons’ P.O.V.
As we drive to the location of the cabin Aaron vocalizes it may be a lonely woman looking for some satisfaction. As we climb the steps to greet our star of the documentary Noone seems to be there, nor do they answer the phone.

Aaron decides to wait in his car and,this I assume is where they wanted to give us our first jumpscare. Maybe because the movie is named Creep and, we already have witnessed an axe out front as an audience we should be made to feel suspect.

It’s not a woman but, a seemingly awkward dorky guy named Josef. From here he begins to take us into his grips by showing immediate affection in the form of hugs, and telling us a sympathic story of him having an inoperative tumor in his brain and, not having but a few months to live. Having a wife pregnant at home with an unborn child on the way whom he refers to already lovingly as Buddy. Josef portrays how he wants to leave his unborn son a video just like Michael Keaton did in the movie My Life. (SIDENOTE: That picture was a very heartwarming touching beautiful piece of art if your ever in a non horrific state of movie indulgence.)

He then with no qualms pays for the days work in advance to show he’s really a trusting guy who is very sentimental. Cut to him jogging up the stairs to get butt naked already. With some slight uneasiness he proceeds to recant past stories of his memories of taking a bath with his dad and dubbing it Tubby Time
which later turns into chubby time. LOL

Now after coming off all maudlin and trying to scare us with the I could just end my life right now speech there’s alot of people out here who’d have instantly left him naked in the tub and running out the door with the cash. Bruh it wasn’t even a check. Right there movie could have abruptly ended!!

Aaron is honest and, wants to believe Josef is just slightly eccentric. They decide to go for a hike and that’s where he tries to scare the piss outta him Okay the piss story comes later. Aaron now can’t escape because he hasn’t paid attention to the turns and paths they took to get to the healing waters.

Now at a late breakfast it’s established Josef lies. He’s caught in a small conundrum about the menu he should supposedly know about if he indeed grew up there. Leading to the spilling of urine and, big red flags of stories about feeling ashamed. We find out Josef took pictures when Aaron first arrived at the cabin. He’s persistent in asking for forgiveness but, again who at this point wouldn’t get in their car and call it a day? At least ask him to delete the photos from his phone but, that doesn’t happen.

We jump to night where they are returning to the cabin and, establish the promo shot used for the media. Aaron wants to leave but, Josef convinces him to come in for a whiskey. They chat some more both on and what Josef thinks is off camera but, the now second release of shame comes with the story of raping his wife in the werewolf Peachfuzz mask we were oddly made to feel was a cute little kids nursery type rhyme earlier. As if that wasn’t enough reason to leave now for sure Aaron stupidly misplaced his keys or, most likely was pick-pocketed.

How no questions were made as to why his wife was not with him to be apart of this video is beyond me as a smart individual. How he was convinced to stay the night is even more mind boggling. I will say though Aaron towers over Josef in stature so what’s to really be afraid of in terms of overpowering him physically?

As a means to a safe end Aaron also drugs Josefs’ drink so as to make sure he falls out unconscious. When he does he starts muttering in his sleep and playing with himself but, as Aaron tries to find his hidden keys Josefs’ phone rings. To Aaron’s suprise it’s Angela, Josefs wife but, we quickly are informed that he’s not well and Angela tells Aaron he’s actually her brother. As the phone loses the signal Aaron steps out from the bathroom where he took the call to find Josef gone.

Now once again I fond myself asking the proverbial question of if you had his phone why couldn’t you later trace who he was??

Now most horrors kick into high gear but, this one never gives you more buck for your bang in terms of gore. It casually puts fear into your gut by slow movements similar to a cat toying with a mouse playing catch and release mindgames.

Once Josef learns Angela told Aaron the truth he jets downstairs.When we find him he’s panting like crazy in that damn werewolf mask. As the footage breaks your left to wonder what happened and who won?

We jump to conclusions when we see Josef carry 3 bags up a hill and start digging a supposed grave to bury evidence from the night before. It was smartly played by Mark Duplass and his ingenuity of continuing the film by having Aaron receive the dvd in the mail.

Now we have landed in full blown serious panic attacks as he knows where Aaron resides and, after researching the cabin we find out no leads on the truth of who Josef really is. Aaron starts to have nightmares and is psychologically come unravelled by how disturbing Josef has become with him. He’s even now send a stuffed animal wolf, a knife and, directions to cut it open to find something within. Okay now the plot turns gay as I immediately thought from Josefs’mannerisms he was intiially. He’s made a heart locket with their pictures inside and the initials set in engravement of a forever gesture.
Only thing Josef forgot was flowers and chocolate.


Now we can talk openly fine fellow horror affectionados. Would you not install cameras outside your house at this point? Maybe possibly call a friend and stay somewhere else or, go visit family members? Why did he stay there? Why does he get no calls from anyone? Not even a telemarketer?? LOL

When it leads to the most comical facial expressions of the movie in having to um turn on the lights..lights..lights in the middle of the night and, going outside in your undies to bellow the name of your stalker your left to understand Aaron has no hope of making it out this bitch alive.

It’s only a matter of circumstance and if your someone who loves to just read spoilers and not watch the films your about to be mad at me because I’m taking the axe and cutting this one off while I’m ahead …….. see you soon for Creep 2 and my review!!



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