Creep 2 Brings On The Truth & The Frustrations


Creep 2 brings more to the woods then it’s preceding introduction into this independent horror cult anomaly. We reenter into the life of a serial killer who, prefers to be called a murderer,still remaining honest in that his numbers outweigh his feelings. The only untruthful aspect about him is we still as an audience don’t know his real name.


Mark Duplass & Patrick Brice have now given us a bonus kill in the beginning of the film and our P.O.V. is through the eyes of our baby werewolf. Seems as if our neediest ,yet loneliest killer is having a mid-life crisis turning forty and, lacking the passion he once had in his art of death articulationScreenshot_2017-10-26-21-06-14-1.png

I must admit Duplass is less creepy with the facial hair and ponytail but, given the idea he’s laid out everything more truthfully this time, it’s his only camouflage. The writing is fantastic in terms of being the best at executing a nontypical formatted horror. As a fan I’ve been fighting my frustrations almost the whole picture because of our new victim Sara played by Desiree Akhavan

This time Josef has taken on the name of his last friend/victim Aaron. He’s now updated his Craigslist to include being a fan of Interview With The Vampire as a plus in booking the job of videographer. Makes sense given Christian Slater had known he was interviewing the undead but,the story was so compelling he put himself in danger to further his career.

Seeing a woman yearning to get more then 9 views on her Youtube webseries Encounters is pretty accurate in today’s struggle to release creative works while expecting not to be paid much if at all. There’s so much available creativity in this age its so much harder to find a core audience.

Aaron easily evokes a sense of wonderment and wanting to peel his layers back like an onion. I’d love a backstory film on how he was raised with his sister because Angela wasn’t as concerned this time around to give her brother a courtesy call. So much for women looking out for each other.

We instantly feel Sara is more of a bad ass then Aaron our first victim, ever could be even if Freddy Krueger alotted him a cameo in Dream Warriors. She’s not easily scared. So Aarons’ attempts at screaming in her face don’t even subjugate a flinch. I have to admit aside from having my assumptions Aaron was gay, which I was at least hot on his trail of something being different…aside of course from his lunacy,
I was shipping them at one point as the Bonnie and Clyde of Creep Never Been Kissed Utopia


Now maybe it’s just the New York hood rat girl in me but, if you give me $1,000 in cash & tell me you’ve killed 39 people in your 40 years of life I might be intrigued enough to keep the cameras rolling. I however under no circumstances even if I appreciated you disrobing instead of sending me just a picture of your peesh, would give up the axe you so willingingly wanted me to carry. With that said maybe, I’d still question if you needed meds more then a beheading but, once you hang yourself harness or not,i’m simply showing the authorities the footage and saying, I was simply in fear of my life and, as a result saw no further involvement necessary. I may not get a great ending but, I sure as hell wouldn’t entertain a Romeo & Juliet love story either.

The climax was somewhat enthralling because I had envisioned her killing him and, Aaron becoming the powerful conduit for her to take the franchise further into the depths of a psychotic female mind.

This movie was not as maniacal nonetheless, it did stir feelings of wanting to apply for an extra in the New York City Subway scenes next time.

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