VFX Productions’, ‘Send In the Clowns’ is short horror magnificent

send in the clowns, vfx productions, short horror

VFX Productions has done it again with their freaky clown based short horror, Send In The Clowns. This is the second film by director Ryan J. Thompson that I have had the chance to see. The other horror short was Play Time, which was also fantastic! Send In The Clowns is unique because it’s a POV style horror film and done right. The cinematography is on point along with the sound design and the music integrated into the short film will leave you checking over your shoulder.

send in the clowns, review, vfx productions, short horror

Clown horror is very popular right now with the success of IT and to be honest, can be a little played out. Send In The Clowns does NOT fall into the same tropes as the others. It will have you on the edge of your seat with the POV style and it immerses you into a feeling of dread that can be seen through the eyes of our protagonist. If you don’t have coulrophobia already, you just might after this…

Check out the film below and heard over to the VFX Production official website and their YouTube channel for more info.

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