Stranger Things 2 Where You’ll Be More Then Halfway Happy In An Upside Down World.


For anyone who grew up in the 80’s and watched Stranger Things 2 on Netflix this weekend you have to feel as if you took a journey back into your childhood without the assistance of Doc Brown and his flux capacitor

I’m completely mesmerized by the euphoria the Duffer Brothers reestablished with its audience. it doesn’t even matter if it’s a science fiction nightmare choc full of Demo Dogs that could make the Resident Evil dogs look like friendly Pound Puppies.

This second season has now drowned the original in comparison and, taken this franchise into another merchandizing dimension. Fans will be clamoring even more for anything and,everything strange. I can easily see the retro 80s morphing into a world full of virtual reality games of the now.


I am floored by the creativity of the writers. Giving us so many callbacks of pop culture nostalgia that have been so void all while keeping it an original fresh story to tell.

Hawkins, Indiana has been rid of the Upside Down for almost a year now as we reestablish our fab four missing their friend Eleven but, only allowing their biggest concern being not having the top score in Dig Dug at the local arcade.


Dustin wants to find out who Mad Max is and, when the new tomboy shredding skaterboarder shows up to her new school he knows who thrashed his score. Best way to get on a girls good side, at that awkward age is stalk her right? WRONG… as she’s quick to show she’s nobody’s trashy friend without effort. Her stepbrother Billy is also
introduced as a douche to be feared if your not in his fanclub.


Meanwhile we find out Eleven made it out of the Upside Down world that same night and, although the scientists were looking for her at Mikes’ she was saved by our favorite cop Hooper and, kept in a safe secluded place. Hiding her out the entire time under his strict rules to keep her safe from the facility, who likes to poke & prod at her like some kind of Natasha Hendricks’ Species. Under his guardianship she was allotted Eggos but, she couldn’t move from that cabin and, the TV was her only source of entertainment.


Hopper still has his duties as sheriff and we begin to sense something is going awry when all the pumpkins in town are being poisoned. Joyce & Jonathan have kept Will under a heavy armor of love but, one of the times he’s out playing video games with his friends he starts to once again retain the visions of a storm brewing in the Upside Down. He admits the fear freezes him and, it’s only a hint of how frozen he’s gonna become later.


Joyce has adjusted well because she’s now dating a Goonie. How clever for them to cast Sean Astin in a role in this series. He’s a Radio Shack technology puzzle solving whiz who’s trying to be Mr. Mom.
After solving a major Mapquest kind of a problem I sensed that even though Goonies never say die that doesn’t mean they won’t actually die and, sadly that’s what does happen when he becomes Demo Demon dog food. Hold on to your butts because unlike Jurassic Park in the 90s there’s no attractions to see other then broom closets before you bite off more then you can chew in this series.


Jonathan may not have many friends besides, his brother Will to hang out with but, he does have Nancy wishing he was her main squeeze. Only problem is she’s gotta get drunk at a party and, tell Steve her current beau he’s bullshit first. What a worthwhile love triangle that won’t make you pull out too soon. I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over before I dissect the rest of our cast.


Lukas may have his swag on point unknowingly but, his little sister is one helluva brat. Not as much as the douchbag Billy who makes it seem he’s got a problem with racism because he doesn’t want his stepsister Max anywhere near him. Yet he connects with Max the most as she coyly refers to him as Stalker and it’s hard not to see Dustin getting his heart broke over the new girl. Luckily he’s got a new pet who loudly introduces himself on Halloween after some proton epic ghostbustin’. Dart is a pollywog who in my opinion was never cute enough to evict the turtle out of his home for. If the cat caught a bad break what the hell ever happened to the turtle?


If your expecting Eleven to reunite with her friends quickly you’ll be slightly dissapointed it doesn’t happen until the final episode. She’s mostly reliving the past and, becoming the Jane we needed to see for character development. The girl who was taken from her mom and, the facts of what her papa, The mad scientist Mathew Modine comes back in guest starring role did to them to separate them from each other. We also get to meet another girl who came before Jane in number and, who now hunts down the members of the staff who wronged them then. Jane may retain a new bitchin’ makeover from her sister friend and, the knowledge of how to power her energy way better then the Iron Fist but, she’s got business to attend too and some Stephen Dorff Gate to close back home so the reunion is only in the span of an episode but, we might possibly get a team up in a future season.

Paul Rieser is casted as a much more level-headed man of science to help Will deal with his anniversary of traumatic events.
As it becomes more evident The Faculty can’t help burn the virus out of Will, the more we see a Linds Blair exorcism needing to occur, to evoke the Shadow Demon that has embodied itself. Wasting paper to once again make Joyce clutter her house She’ll be in need of recycling bags when this disaster is over!! Will it be lights out for more then one character this season?

If Steve has anything to do with it he’ll swing for the bases loaded babysitter of the year award and, get all of these kids floating to safety in a world where there’s danger at every turn. Get some Nuget and, pray for The Duffer brothers to return next year with an even greater host for our imaginations.


Some screenshots taken by Kymbear. Feel free to follow me on Instagram at @cantbear2livewithoutit

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