Scary Good Interview With Leatherface Star Ian Fisher


Ian Fisher first started out as an aspiring musician and transformed his career into working on some of the biggest franchinses and working alongside some of our childhood heroes. Kymbear from Scary Basement Media was able to have an exclusive chat with this talented and kind man. See what he had to share with our followers…..

Hello Mr. Fisher. My name is Kym & I want to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer some questions for Scary Basement Media so let’s get started!!

SBM: Tell us about your upbringing in Transylvania Romania and where your love of the arts first appeared in your life?

First thank you for reaching out to me – Well, my family is from Transylvania and I was born in that area and spent my childhood in Romania – I was 7 when I left but it’s a beautiful place. It’s not all Dracula which is the main attraction and the castle is awesome. But lately when I visited there it looks like a painting. Just a place to visit for all travelers 🙂

SBM: I’ve read about your many talents. Can you tell us about your history in the music industry?

IAN FISHER: I used to be a singer in a rock band it was in Israel and we toured a bit. After the Guns N’ Roses album came out I saw them and I said “I have to be in a band” so me and a friend put up together a group called “Brain Damage” and suddenly we just had a following. Our first show was in front of 5,000 people and somehow they loved us (probably our look more then the music cause we used to dress up and give a funny concert) but later on we found ourselves on tour playing in stadiums in front of 20,000 people, then TV, commercials, shows. It was fun. – that’s how I paved my way into acting 🙂

SBM: Describe how you broke into the field of acting and the memory of landing your first job!

IAN FISHER: Through my music I started doing guest stars on tv. That’s how I was bit by the acting bug. I got a scholarship to the Lee Strasberg School in LA and that’s when I decided to move and make the switch.
My first gig was a small part in a film called “National Lampoon’s Cattle Call” directed by Martin Guigui and the funny part is that today we are very good friends and worked on over 3 films already.

SBM: I must say sir you look like a young Sylvester Stallone. I’m sure you hear that all the time but, would that be a dream come true if you were cast to play him in a movie? What movie would be a favorite role to recreate of his?

Yes, I do get that all the time. Hey you look like Stallone – I love it since he was my favorite actor growing up. I actually met him in Expendables 3. I did some voice over in Romanian for that film – but I’d love to act with him. Rocky or Rambo I’d have to go for that

SBM: Who was the biggest motivator and creative inspiration for you?

IAN FISHER: My love and inspiration for a rating became through Sylvester Stallone (funny you mentioned that! When I saw Rocky and Rambo I said “that’s what I Wanna do…move to Hollywood and become an actor” – well I did

SBM: Who is your favorite horror director? What is your favorite horror movie?

IAN FISHER: My favorite horror director would be Eli Roth. Maybe because i was in one of his films “Don’t Look Up” – he produced it. But now after working with Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maurie on Leatherface I would say that they are my favorites because of the freedom they give the actors and their vision. It’s just a dream to work with directors like that.


SBM: What would you say are the highlights of acting in a horror movie?

IAN FISHER: My highlights in horror would be Leatherface – I mean being a part of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is amazing – the experience of being on set and shooting that was beyond words.. I feel even more a part of it since I got to shoot the Movie Poster as well (I’m a photographer too). So it’s a double pleasure.


SBM: I absolutely loved the new Leatherface which you star in. What was it like being in such an iconic franchise with a huge fanbase? Was there more fear or excitement to be apart of the legacy?

IAN FISHER: I would say it was more excitement to be in that film. The only fear is forgetting your lines – haha.. But really to be a part of it and working with this amazing cast and crew was great. The whole process of the film starting from the producers Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell then going on set and meeting everyone, the set, the location and makeup – everything was amazing

SBM:If you could play one iconic past role in horror history who would you want to play and why?

I could choose to play an iconic role it would probably be Hannibal Lecter – if that counts as a horror – wow, what a role ha? Freddy Krueger or Norman BatesPsycho. Hey I’d play all of them if I could.

SBM: Tell us about your upcoming Amazon series with Jean Claude Van Damne? What can we expect from you in the future?

IAN FISHER: Jean Claude van Damme – wow like Stallone he was on my wall as a kid. My room was filled with posters of Stallone Schwarzenegger And Van Damme. When I booked that role and I saw I’m playing and fighting JCVD it was like a dream come true. Imagine doing a film with your childhood star. I was on set and he stood there in front of me and I hear the director saying “action” and I look ahead and in front of me is Van Damme. The funny thing is that it is my line in the show “Jean Claude Van Damme?” So in a way it was what went through my head.
He is so great. So down to earth, So funny and he loves what he does the whole crew from the director and the writers and all the team on Amazon are so great and professional – it makes your experience even better. The show will be out in December and it’s going to be great. The premier was fantastic 700 people showed up and the response was phenomenal.


I currently appear in a small role in the movie “9/11” with Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg – I play a fireman. I also produced a film and act in called “Senior Entourage” with Ed Asner and I’m currently filming another film called “Sounds of Silence” about an orphan girl going to Romania to find her real parents. I get to act in Romanian in it which takes me back full circle.

SBM: Thanks again so much for taking the time out of your schedule filming all these movies to talk to us. We wish you continued success and hope to catch up with you again.

IAN FISHER: Thank you for reaching out and I hope I answered all your questions. It was fun.

You can find Ian on @ianfisherofficial on Instagram

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