Garbage Pail Kids releases limited Halloween set

garbage pail kids, GPK, halloween set

Topps and Garbage Pail Kids have done it again with brand new set that is based on some of the most beloved horror franchises. We 80’s kids remember back in the day when we collected these cards and horror fans specifically loved when we opened the pack and feasted our eyes on a horror themed card. Just a few examples of those were Nasty Nick, Dead Ted, and Eerie Eric. Now we have more to add to that obession! Cards like Evie Dead, They Liv and Fiery Freddy makes my heart sing with nostalgia. My only critique is that I would have LOVED to have a Michael Myers parody card but that is just the Halloween franchise lover in me. The art from these fantastic macabre cards are courtesy of the super talented David Gross and Brent EngstromYou can get your own set of 20 cards at the Topps website in the Garbage Pail Kids Halloween set page for $49.99. You better hurry though! These are only available for less that seven days.

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