Amityville: The Awakening Review


This film has had its troubles with delayed releases and, now you can even watch it for free!!

I was told by a non horror fiend that I very much resemble Jennifer Jason Leigh and Heather Langenkamp one confirming the resemblance in person. After that how can I not want to support their work and see how much of my own characteristics I can notice within these 2 iconic actresses who have fought Freddy Krueger and, taken being a jealous roommate to another level in Single White Female.


Jennifer Jason Leigh has remained somewhat quiet throughout her life outside of her career all while picking roles that clearly show she’s a good actress that sells any role she takes on. This movie aside from what some are saying, in my opinion is no different.

For this being the 10th installment about a house who possesses people to kill their families, all through a red room not very well confined in the basement by evil spirits, it was more then worth the free price of admittance. The Amityville Horror house is located not far from me in Long Island so maybe the pull to want to like these movies is even greater because the horror is closer to home then most of you.

Even Disney fans might be on board to check out this film because Once Upon A Time alum Emma Swan ( Jennifer Morrison) plays the sister of JJL in this one.


Belle is 17 and is guilt ridden, yet fiery about the fact her brain dead twin brother James has been through quite enough on these machines. It’s been 2 years and there’s no signs of recovery. Jennifer plays the mom, Joan who just won’t accept the fact her child is gone and, moves to an infamous horror house with Belle and her 7 year old sister Juliet. She believes James will get better and, turns out she’s half right.

After some high school new friends want to watch the 1979 original movie about the house it’s made clear,even by them that watching the remakes make no sense because they always suck. Any movie that can poke fun of themselves already gets a star in my rating just for that.


The house comes alive at 3:15 every morning but, in this film it’s really James who improves every night in becoming stronger. Now after getting some jumpscares and, not listening to the signs their dog Barry is trying to tell them it gets worse. Are the hallucinations and bad dreams enough of a sign for mom to get her family the hell outta there?



When Belle finally confronts her mom about what she believes is truly happening to James she’s let in on the fact she gave up on God helping and, moved there on purpose hoping this would happen.

Funny how parents only want to believe in a good enough evil but, still hold a cross close enough in case they are wrong. Sometimes you can be dead wrong but, I wasn’t for watching this one. It wasn’t the most original or, scariest but, it’s one I’d be possessed to watch again one day.

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