It’s time horror fans confronted fake news in the genre

Okay fiends, with all the crazy news being swirled around social media these days, we know it’s important to weed out the fake stuff. Right? This is true with horror news as well. Well, I think so, that’s for sure. Almost daily I see amazing fan made art passed off as official posters for future films. Halloween (2018) is a huge victim of this. Check out the freaking cool artwork below to see a few examples of what I have seen claimed to be official posters for the upcoming Blumhouse Productions film. .

While the ACTUAL “official” promo art is a lazy use of a public domain image seen below. C’mon Blumhouse, you have the money to hire one of these amazing artists to design something better than this…

horror, fake news, halloween, it, scary basement media
Promo image seen at licensing expo in 2017

Another film that has fell “victim” is the IT (2017) sequel that is to be released in 2019. With the success of the first film came a flurry of rumors of who will be casted as the adult version of The Losers Club. Names like Patrick Wilson, Adam Scott, and Jessica Chastain have been thrown around just to name a few. Hey, I think this casting would be amazing but the simple fact is that there is NO official announcement on any casting for this film. Take a look at what one graphic designer put together and tell me these posters aren’t cool! But remember, this is FAKE NEWS.

I can’t count how many times I have seen this fantastic Nightmare on Elm Street poster shared around social media claiming to be for a 2018 remake that has no official word on even happening.

horror, fake news, halloween, it, scary basement media, nightmare on elm street

Let me be very clear, I am not calling out the artist but rather the blogs, news sites, etc. that share these photos with the connection of the official poster. As I mentioned before, I’m not saying artist are creating these posters with the intention of deceiving us fans, rather it has been certain horror news outlets that like to pass off this stuff other in order to get clicks or out of straight ignorance. Please do not think that I am saying Scary Basement Media are smarter than other websites, I’m just surprised by the amount of people that don’t check official movie websites or sources to verify said posters.

Obviously, this isn’t as dire situation as with other world news events going on but it just calls back to integrity on the part of what content we provide to fans and not just looking for “clicks”. We owe it as content creators to make sure what we are passing around is the truth and nothing but the truth (as far as we know). Stay scary, fiends!

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