Jason Goes to Hell documentary slashing its way to production

jason goes to hell, documentary, nick hunt

Great news on the documentary front! The controversial slasher, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, is about to turn 25 years old and a great group of filmmakers and horror aficionados want to go deeper into the film and its creation. The project involves Joe Quintanilla who was heavily involved in the making of a few other Voorhees docs such as Friday the 13th Part 3 In Memoriam / Documentary Project and Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13thJoining Joe is indie horror producer John Lepper (aka Jonny Macabre) and upcoming Safe Place director/producer, Nick HuntHere is what co-director, Hunt, had to say about the project via his Facebook…

“The name Jason Voorhees has lived on for almost 40 years, and one of the more debated upon, one of the most unique and controversial inceptions of him was in Adam Marcus‘ 1993 film Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. Now with 2018 on the horizon and 25 years of JGTH, the untold behind the scenes story is coming for YOU the fans! We are even working our brains for some fan interaction to get you involved because if there is anything to say about JGTH it’s that the fans are vocal about it!” – Nick Hunt co-director

The other half of the directing team will be announced shorty so stay tuned for that news. The production is also looking for fans who have created their own fan art! Things like jewelry, sculptures, masks, and anything Jason Goes to Hell related.  If so email blackheartpicturesllc@gmail.com or contact Nick Hunt directly through his Facebook page. Are you excited for this because I sure as HELL am! Check out the trailer for the 1993 film below to get hyped!

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