Original ‘Dracula’ 1S sells for $525,800

dracula 1931, poster

Dracula and vampires in general have been popular as far back as 1897 (if not farther) with the publication of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Then in 1931, Universal Pictures and Carl Laemmle Jr. released the timeless Bela Lugosi classic, Dracula. From that point on vampires have been a part of movie audiences obsession every since. Recently, an original 1 sheet from the films theatrical release was bought for a record $525,800 from Heritage Auctions’ Movie Posters Auction in Dallas, Texas. Me being a collector of horror movie posters, this undoubtedly would be THE holy grail. It’s not known who the buyer is but whoever this Dracula loving individual is, I’m sure they look at it and cry with happiness that something so rare and meaningful to them is in their possession (or because they paid half a million dollars for it…)

Check out the poster in question below and watch a classic clip of one of Lugosi’s best performances. It is a beautiful piece that harkens back to the days when actual hand drawn art was used to create something to entice the viewer to pay admission to see it. What do you think about the poster?

dracula 1931, poster

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