VFX Productions pulls you into the upside down in ‘Stranger Things’ fan film

So I am a few days late the party on this amazing Stranger Things fan film by VFX Productions. It’s been a scary busy week here at Scary Basement Media. VFX Productions and director Ryan J. Thompson has done a great service again for short form horror content. This fan film feels like it was pulled right out of my Netflix account as a teaser for season three of the highly popular binge worthy series.

vfx productions, stranger things, fan film

The production value of this, and every short of theirs I’ve seen has better better than most 90 minute low budget horror films I have seen in the past decade. Thompson knows how to build suspense in a short amount of time, just like he did with Send in the Clowns.  The visual effects are well done, even though I prefer practical effects. In this case the difference can hardly be made. Oh, did I mention the music? Good lord that score! Great stuff that was perfectly inspired by the series it’s based off of. Hey, it may be the actual score from the series but I think I hear a slight difference in there. Any-who, enough of my blabber, look below to watch the immersing Stranger Things fan film, CHAPTER ONE: THE 12TH SEARCH

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