12 Deaths Of Christmas Movie Review


Just when you thought you had stomached just about enough of the holiday season I’m gonna let you digest another Christmas horror known as The 12 Deaths of Christmas aka Mother Krampus. You might prefer a fruit cake or, a pair of socks over this unfestive “the shitters full Clark” witchified tale that smells of all the good horror homages it couldn’t live up too.
That’s right if you thought The Blair Witch Project was as bad as it could get hang on tight Hanzel & Gretel

25 years after a woman was hung she comes back for revenge on the decendants of those responsible for her demise. You’ll find that if you saw A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Shining and,especially Candyman (that even gets an audible mention) they tried hard to hold up to storylines that we’ve loved before.


Frau Perchta is our
child murderer who comes equipped like Dr. Evil and his hairless cat to prey victims into her frightening old hag grasps. Aside from the cannibalism though it’s quite tame.
No menacingly over the top butchering, bad sequence editing and, unrelated retaliation caused me to continously find something else to do before finishing the film. There’s even some melodrama concerning a failed marriage and, added in for good measure school bullying.

When we finally get to the 12 adventful ha victim we do get a redeeming star atop this Christmas tree in way of a reveal. Unless your feeling in the mood for disappointing British b-movie horror
Start taking down your decorations sooner then later.


All I want for Christmas is well damn I’m too late aren’t I?

Have you seen this film? If so feel free to comment below your thoughts on it. Would love to hear what our audience has to say!

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3 Replies to “12 Deaths Of Christmas Movie Review”

    1. Destiny there’s always some other movies can recommend to you if you tend to get scared that are more comedic in nature. If you want scary, yet funny try better watch out or, the babysitter. Those are like home alone but, with a horror twist!!


      1. Lol, I’m good… Just my moments. I actually like horror movies but I try to stay away from serious ones like “the exorcist “, I can’t stand that movie but I love Freddy, saw, halloween…. All those types. 80s joints are fine. A good movie from back in the day was called ‘death by temptation ” have u seen that one?


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