Clowntergeist Movie Review


How many of our audience has a real phobia encountering clowns? I know from childhood I have been scarred by the overly powdered big red nose freaks. I also know people crippled by the fear of even the thought of one being anywhere in the distinct proximity of them.

Well, maybe we can cure some fears by having them watch the movie by Aaron Mirtes entitled Clowntergeist.
Emma (Brittany Belland) is a college student who is so fearful of clowns she can’t even stand to see them on tshirts or, in the form of ice cream.

Best part of this movie was the introduction featuring the voice of our director as he informs the first victim he doesn’t own any clown statues and to Get out now!! I guess I should have listened because from here on out your pretty much looking at alot of bad acting and a clown who doesn’t fully appear until 45 minutes in other then quick shots of his hand muffling the screams of his soon to be victims.


How does he alert these targeted women they are going to die, by red balloons and black sharpies of course. Looks like if you interfere with this possessed clowns plans you too may be contacted by his big feet and Hunchback of Clowntown posture. Legit bends down to incite fear. Are you laughing yet?


If the pictures don’t freak you out its most likely you’d survive this low budget horror with just the sound of the old man’s ice cream truck left stuck in your brain. There is a catch to this clown but, considering it’s hyped up to be a mash-up of It and Poltergeist there’s no television in sight except the one you watched this movie on. Also the image featured for promotion is a much scarier version of what we actually get of Ribcage. Silly me that’s our serial killers name.
Here’s to wishing we don’t get a hoard of clown movie takeovers the way the zombies have risen from the grave due to the success of one franchise because I don’t think I can sit through clown college marathons of movies like this one.

Is this a movie your interested in overcoming your fear of clowns with? Feel free to comment below your thoughts. Movie reviews are only based on my own opinions which don’t necessarily expect everyone to agree with.

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