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Garrett (Keiynan Lonsdale) is a successful Youtuber who just recently celebrated achieving 2 million subscribers. He’s passionate about his followers which he has dubbed his Headlights. Garrett gives a variety of videos to watch however there’s one rule he abstains from and, that’s hooking up with his fans.


All that unexpectedly changes when Fangirl goes from being just a faceless voice on his live streams,to tricking him into believing she was a woman working at the post office, who didn’t know anything but, he had women sending him panties in the mail. When he gives her his number he even stipulates to Michelle aka Shell (Ema Horvath) that it’s to remain private.

After their first date eating ramen they go back to his place where all the youtube magic happens. When she shows her true colors to him the next morning in the unhinged tenacity of her stalkish ways Garrett asks her to leave. He’s not the best judge of character and for having such strict guidelines didn’t ask her much of anything before taking her into his semi famous space.


Once rejected Shell sinks even further into the homage of Fatal Attraction doing everything from blowing up his messages, to breaking into his house to telling him she’s wet, to murder. Jealousy rears it’s ugly psychotic head and bodies start hitting the floor. Shell even starts posting videos on YouTube herself that become the target of her getting cyber bullied.


One thing that really annoyed me about this storyline was Michael Boatman who portrays Garretts’ father. He owns a bookstore and his son who not only financially tries to support his dad confesses at one point he’s having a problem in his personal life with a possessive fan. After an incident and newsworthy notice you’d think his father would have tried to follow him into seclusion but, his friend tags along who unveils more to the plot.


Shell is a determined woman and eventually clocks in enough hours on youtube to discover the location Garrett is and then the homage to Misery drives itself to the final act.

Last piece of the plot makes for the best scene and, movie ends with you possibly yelling EDIT!!

Let us know here at Scary Basement Media what are some movies you’re looking forward to us covering!!

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