A Remade Remake Of An Original: A Review On Day Of The Dead: Bloodline


Time for another Zombie outbreak but, this is more then a crush this is a downright remake from 2008, whom loosely based that on George A. Romero‘s third enstallment of his Zombie iconic masterpieces.

That said if you go into this movie expecting Romero-esque status bar to pique your going to be highly upset and disappointed.

I have to be honest zombies are my favorite so I’m already biased in favoritism. I don’t recall every aspect of every movie as adulthood caught up with me and, my brain must of been munched on by the undead because I don’t even recall the Nick Cannon casted 2008 version at all. So in terms of reviewing a comparison I wouldn’t do it justice without rewatching that version.


The first zombie to reanimate reminded me very much of the well walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. This one wasn’t as ripped apart but, started off with a good memory for myself.

Zoe (Sophie Skelton) is studying to be a doctor and, one of her patients is head over feet for her but, in the creepiest of ways. Max (Johnathon Schaech
) wants Zoe at any/ever cost and when he gets bit trying to convince her she’s all his she has to witness and escape the building.


Once settled with a new love interest in an underground bunker alongside his dominant controlling brother we see Zoe really trying to save anyone from further infections. When a little girl needs more attention then most, they set out to go back where Zoe last was attacked by Max to secure more supplies. Like what you’d imagine things go haywire and Max whom has a rare blood type seems to have retained some of his humanistic thoughts unlike the other rotters. He hides himself and, hides out in the bunker.


Note: These are definitely not your stupid slow power walk past types of undead. Expect sprints and more World War Z type infected which has probably more then half of you convinced you won’t like the film.

Once Max is contained Zoe must find the cure for all whom become infected and why Max has a strain of blood preventing him from completely being braindead.


There’s one scene in particular where she picks him with a needle and taunts him,that became my instant favorite scene. I myself enjoyed this for what it was. I would also in time partake of it again. So either take a risk of getting infected or, just enjoy my thoughts from my own rotted mind.

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