Super Dark Times Movie Review


When four friends take off on their bikes in this movie it’s not to find some gold like in the 80’s classic The Goonies.

Kevin Phillips directorial debut of Super Dark Times is nail-biting tension filled drama. When these friends fight you may not know who will come out alive.


Just as Stranger Things has successfully brought feelings of nostalgia back to us so triumphantly,this
well scripted and exceptionally directed film packs a mean slice of success itself.

When a day out leads into a tragic end for one of them. The rest must cope with the aftermath of everyone at school chattering about the disappearance, which leads to sleepless nights for the rest of them. As much as they are trying to act normal the story delves deeper into the undertones of more destruction. What’s really going on in this powerful teen drama I’d suggest watching for yourself. This one I’d have no qualms about adding to my collection.


What are you thoughts on this one? Did you guess the twist?
Comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts!!

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