Artist creates horror and genre inspired flasks, Zippos, & more

All of us horror and genre fans love to find new ways express our passion and love for everything related to our favorite horror films and the internet has allowed us to find an infinite amount of custom horror fan art to do exactly this. I was lucky enough to find some cool new stuff via the amazing Bruce Campbell Fan Club page on Facebook (you should totally join). Now, I have seen a ton of awesome Evil Dead/Bruce Campbell art thanks to this Facebook group since being a part of this group as well s other places. Mostly its the same screen grabs from the movies such as Ash holding his broomstick proudly over his head or some recreation of the Evil Dead poster. Not the same ol’ ol’ this time. Josh Perlmutter over at First Line Survival has created a line of designs on flasks, Zippos, and many other items that will let you show folks your love of Ash, Freddy Krueger, and even Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China among many others. Sip on that whiskey as you watch Ash relinquish his arm of the possessed hand or throwback a swig as Freddy enters another nightmare.

Check out just a few of the Zippos designs Josh has lasered. Light one up with Dawn of the Dead!

zippo1horror flasks, scary basement media, artist, first line survival

Then crack open cold one with a Jason Voorhees bottle opener!

Here’s what Josh has to say about how he started created horror themed items and that he takes CUSTOM orders as well…

“I was browsing through facebook one night and found one of those ads you always see. This one was advertising a half watt laser with a 1.25″x1.25″ work bed made out of old hard drive parts. I started running dugouts on it at about 90 mins per square inch of design work. I took a handful of them to a comic convention and people loved them. Since then i’ve upgraded to a set of professional lasers and take custom orders weekly. I just like to make stuff.”

A lot of what Josh says here is greek to me but I love the results! Check out Josh’s website First Line Survival today and see what he has to offer because you won’t be disappointed in the creativity!

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