Review: The Monster Project



If you like classic monsters, gritty night vision cams, and jump scares that rock you out of your seat, look no further for a fright night movie.

The Monster Project, Victor Mathieu’s first feature, takes a group of struggling filmmakers strands them in a “haunted house” and throws away the key.

The film follows a crew of aspiring horror filmmakers that post an ad on Craigslist looking for “real” monsters. Having supposedly found three, a vampire, a demon and a skinwalker, they decide to gather them and interview them on the night of a freakish lunar eclipse. (Nothing can go wrong there, right?)

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.53.49 PM

The characters, all with relatable “demons” and hints of complex backstories dive head first into a poignant monster mash as they rent out a creepy, dilapidated house as a backdrop for their monster documentary. ( Again, creepy house? Eclipse? Monsters? I mean come on!)

As the pace picks up, well-placed jump scares will make you shriek and the found footage style will keep your hair standing on end, only to leave you with a deliciously sordid twist ending.

As a whole, this film will make you feel like a little kid, stranded in a horror funhouse and will leave you jumping out of your seat. In the words of the director, “it’s goosebumps for adults.”

It will leave you asking, is there really something going bump in the night?

Available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Link to the trailer below!

The Monster Project Trailer

Scream-O-meter!: Ahhh! (out of Ahhhhh!)

Genre: Bloody “Buddy” Movie Night


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