A First Look- “Fireside Tales”: Retrospective Review


If anybody ever wonders about the perks of being a reviewer of movies I’d say being privy to yet unreleased independent horrors and, asked for your opinions ranks up their pretty high. We at Scary Basement Media are honored to introduce to you now a film written and directed by Ian Messenger entitled Fireside Tales.

If your a fan of short stories told surrounded by an introduction and outro such as Tales From The Crypt, The Twilight ZoneCampfire Tales, Trick ‘R Treat or other such beloved successes we’d feel very comfortable in saying the people behind this film are fans of horrific storytelling.


Every year a group of friends get together,crack penis puns and, decide who among them has the scariest story of them all so let’s breakdown some of these bloody tales of terror (marshmallows not included)

1. “Untertow” As the characters start their escapade travels they themselves reference such homages to The Hills Have Eyes and, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
It instantly though for me reminded me of the story in Creepshow that Ted Danson portrayed or at least that’s what I was expecting. The locations were some of my favorites in this part filmed in Arizona.


The killer in this vacation gone wrongs mask reminded me more of Freddy Krueger with the reveal giving us more of a Jason aspect about to wield a slow moving ass-kicking on all who come into his path. There was a novice jumpscare for all the easily anxious horror watchers but, what made this story the most fluid was it’s excellent score.


2. “The Bad Man” is maybe the least of the creative titles but, it speaks of the power of the vigilante
kill. When a man’s daughter goes missing he goes out to check on her familiar running trail whereabouts and comes face to face with Leatherface. My apoligizes it’s not; as this fan of the original saw master’s weapon of choice is an axe.


High favor mention of best boy band ever goes to The Jackson 5 and, points for the Scream Queens who belt out curdling rippling effects. The only issue I had with this one was nicely explained by the Campfire crew. On to the next……


3. “The Tormentor”
As much as I found this the most realistic of the tales for me, it also had the most wrong with it.


For the previous 2 stories it had been well lit because they were both shot during the day. This one finally took the plunge into not only the darkness but, on a rainy night. What I had praised at that point in clear audio got muddled in this one half way in. This was the most Michael Myers invades your home while your just trying to watch horror movies and, sneak a makeout sesh with your boyfriend but, wound up on the bottom for me.


4. “Where Skinwalkers Dare” I’d hope they’d leave the best for last and, in my personal opinion succeeded. Shot both in day & night helped transition making the story last longer in anticipation and work well for the most frightening kills. This has an extra added nuance. I kept thinking inspired from the title Stephen Kings Sleepwalkers but it also gave you a lustful Vampires sweet kiss.


Only critique was the scene where an actor had his back turned on the camera what seemed like way too long.


Without any spoilers the ending stays true to the opportunity for sequels to come possibly with zombies, werewolves, and more. Either way I was pleasantly surprised the hour and change flew by rather effortlessly. There were some instances of subpar acting but, not enough to constitute shutting off the movie prematurely. The one part that I feel could of been dropped was the lengthy mid credit scenes of old camcorder footage.


Masks were supplied by The Basement Fx and for all you wrestling fans or They Live fanatics, Rowdy Roddy Piper got a thank you in the credits. Make sure to be on the lookout for Rising Fire Films release of this movie sometime in February.

You can let me know what your thoughts are below or, follow me on instagram@cantbear2livewithoutit

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