Movie Review: Mom And Dad, Need Anger Management!!


I can easily see why Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair were cast to play the gone haywire psychotic parents in this morbidly warped world that even mentions World War Z as a reference. They have succeeded in previous roles of giving a face that reads terrifyingly comedic.

It’s a zombified feel with a poltergeist conjuring of sound wave proportions. You’d assume it started one way or, at least I did to somehow super engage itself through television wavelengths or, more commonly white noise.

It apparently sends all parents not just our leads wanting to kill their children. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough the breakout spreads during school hours. Mass tackling of murders occur on the 50 yard line.


Most parents get mad at their kids who pickpocket out of their purse or, leave toy trucks out to be fell over. The occasional dead animal in a vintage car might trigger even telling your kid you’d kill him next time he lays a finget on it but, relocating the flow of gas into the basement your kids locked themselves in because your upset your no longer driving around motorboating topless women is going a tad bit over the sanity rail.

Most disturbing was when a woman had a baby and tried to squeeze it to death. Whoa now that’s real horror for you! One scene I was itching to check out of the hospital for.

I get the originality of the storytelling but, I immediately was sucked into the reality of this actually occurring and, kids who are adopted breathing a sigh of relief everywhere.


You can clearly forsee the finale but, things abruptly halted so, to give an honest opinion I’d have to refer you to The Babysitter or, Better Watch Out.
This is one to digest if your not paying full price for but, was highly underwhelmed overall.

Don’t destroy what we’ve build thus far stay tuned for more of my reviews right here on Scary Basement Media!!

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