Paging Dr. WTF – A Killing Of A Sacred Deer Movie Review


Here’s a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up…..this is not The Brady Bunch people, far from it. When a cardiac surgeon, Steven Murphy potrayed by Colin Farrell has already established at the beginning of the film a relationship with a fatherless boy named Martin, who you sense is special in his own right and needs attention more then most. They meet for lunches and, Steven buys him presents and, even introduces him as a friend of his daughters to a coworker.

When he shows up to meet Stevens’ wife Anna played by Nicole Kidman and their two kids Bob and, Kim he even thoughtfully gets small gifts based on the things everyone likes. You truly feel as if Martin is just trying to make friends. Even though it’s a bit eccentric, he seems harmless other then telling stories of how he picked up smoking and, showcasing his hairy armpits at the odd request of the youngest son. Considering the kid loves to sport long hair even though his dad really wishes he would cut it it’s not too offbeat.


Kim seems to be most invested in the boy which again oddly enough tells him she just started menstruating. She also lovingly serandes him and, given a different script could have wound up a love story!

The turn of oddities and, me not just counting the aimless shots of ceiling fans occurs when Steven is asked to dinner in return for his generosity over the boys house. Here we find Alicia Silverstone playing the role of Martins’ mother. When a reference earlier was made by Martin about his mom loving to make lemonade it made me squeal with delight from the throwback reference from her infamous scene from The Crush Once Martin somewhat unconvincingly admits he needs to go to bed, another crush is revealed in the form of sucking on a thumb and, an insistence to try her tart. Talk about coming on strong!!!


Martin shows up without an appointment to complain of his heart hurting and, the fear his dad was in way better health when he died. After asking Steven to disrobe himself which I won’t divulge why so some yearning can be mustered on your part to watch the film he expresses it’s okay and, he’d approve of his mom and, Steven having an affair. Steven says he loves his wife and kids and that’s where this movie really takes its plight into another atmosphere of The Twilight Zone.


Here’s the main plot of this beautifully shot film. Martin tells Steven something he had a part of and, now his family will suffer tremendously because of it. Four painful plateaus he must bear while making a huge decision concerning his family.

It’s all downhill from here, primarily  because they lose functionality of their legs as the progression domino effects all while the players stay very much serene in the distress.


There’s one person at possible fault here yet you get tons of uncomfortable tidbits of confessionals, extra martial affairs for intel, the upside down effect of lovemaking and, kids who are smarter then you’d expect yet, comfortably aloof to how evil the scenerio. There’s torture playing it’s own character in this one and, it’s like a merry go round of a psychotic mental evaluation of the power that compels revenge.


Mom and Dad had its bad parenting but, this one follows suit in a more casual art form conversational  piece you’d discuss just like abstract art.

Have you sacrificed your time to watch The Killing Of A Sacred Deer?
Let me know if it gave you a migraine 🙂

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