LAZERPUNK kills it with his horror synth album

I do love me some synth wave style music. With its retro feel and cool aesthetic, it makes me reminisce of the days of Miami Vice and leg warmers. Then there is a sub genre of synth, horror synth, which puts me back in a 70s or 80s cult classic horror film. There are some amazing artists that create this unique sound such as Dance with the Dead and Perturbator. I’m always on the lookout for new music to get the blood pumpin’ and I found some with Lazerpunk and his new album, Death and Glory.

lazerpunk, synth, horror, music

Lazerpunk released a new album on Bandcamp on January 31, 2018. Tracks such as VHS Horror and Digital Demon will give you a yearning for Fulci zombie films. I believe this review from his band camp page sums it up nicely..

” This is an unrelenting motherfucker of an album. like, holy SHIT! nearly every track is a fine example of the heaviest, fastest synths that were put together for the sole purpose of beating you to a bloody pulp. what a great release!” – palehorse666

Listen to the tracks below and visit Lazerpunk’s Bandcamp to donate any amount and download the whole album to listen to next time you are out monster hunting.

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