My Friend Dahmer -It’s Serial-iously Bestie Material Movie Review


For all of you like myself who like to see the dynamics of how such human circumstances bring a person to snap, this movie based on a 2012 graphic novel by Dahmers’ high school friend John “Derf” Backderf, is worth digesting. I just don’t suggest trying to eat while watching as the serial killers first taste of disection was that from the road and, putting them in acid that took a month or so to fully get to the bone.


Ross Lynch does a fantastic job at eerily playing the adolescent rearings of a serial killer waiting to break free. Caused by the family dynamics of his parents disolving marriage and, his unability to fit in as more then a freak they pay to spaz randomly in places to get attention.

He’s downright creepy and one scene had me tearing up praying that I wouldn’t see it filmed, even if just for theatrical reasons.

Keep your friends close and, watch out for red flags and, fingernails that lead to 17 young men later falling dead silent to Jeffrey Dahmer.

This movie follows you through to meeting his first victim so you don’t see any human slayings but, it’s horrific nonetheless.

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