Update on ‘Kung Fury’ sequel

The creator of the fantastic Kung Fury, David Sandberg, posted on Instagram today that the long anticipated sequel to his original short film will be announced at the Berlin Film Festival. the 2015 crowdfunded film was met with great enthusiasm and was completely bonkers. It is a fantastic homage to 80s genre films with going way over the top. When your hero travels back in time on top of a computer only to be met by velociraptors with lasers, giant Thor, and then to be sent back to the future to take out Hitler and his army, you know you’re in for something special. Not to mention an original song performed by legend David Hasselhoff.

Here is the quote from David Sandberg’s official Instagram account

kung fury, sequel, david sandberg, laser unicorns

“RAD! Things are about to go down, so wanted to share it here first!

Berlin Film Festival is kicking off and during next week, we will officially be announcing Kung Fury II. Together with an awesome team of collaborators, we’ll start shooting late summer!

We also have some incredibly cool bits of news surrounding casting and other team members coming your way in the weeks to come!” – David Sandberg

So are you excited for the Kung Fury sequel? It’s way overdue and I am looking forward to it!

*UPDATE* 3:31pm – It was announced today via Variety that Micheal Fassbender has been casted in the film!

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