Collector’s 1984 ‘Gremlins’ L.A. Olympics movie posters blessed upon us

gremlins, movie poster, olympics, los angeles

I was searching for random stuff on Reddit when I found some cool little pieces of Gremlins history. u/Eatbrie has a HUGE movie poster collection that can be viewed at the Eat Brie website and they shared some very cool old school Gremlins movie posters that were apparently plastered around Los Angeles way back in 1984 during the summer Olympics. Take a look at the three posters below.

gremlins, poster, olympics

One of the posters references the horrible consequences about getting them wet, the other a famous Coppertone sun block ad, and the last a little back to school love. Everyone loves the original 1984 film directed by Joe Dante and written by Chris Columbus. The sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch leaves some fans divided. By the way, Columbus is attached to write the third untitled Gremlins movie that is announced to be released in 2019 which also is suppose to star Gremlins original, Zach Galligan. So yea, I’m super pumped for that! Check out the trailers for the first two classics below. Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out this AMAZING fan made Gremlins film that released late last year.

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