Ash vs. Evil Dead S3 E1 Review (Spoilers)

Finally, finally, finally we get the first episode of season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead! Since the unexplained delay in the premier, which was suppose to be last October, I have been waiting with bated breath for this show to return. Oh how I’ve yearned for Bruce Campbell’s charm and cheesy one liners while kicking deadite ass!

ash vs evil dead, review, season 3, bruce campbell, evil dead

We begin with a horribly fantastic commercial for the grand opening of Ash’s brand new hardware/sex toy store (you read that right) he’s opened up since last season. We then see Ash with Pablo in his new store watching the commercial. Now before I get ahead of myself, one thing I am throughly confused on is the timeline that was set up from the end of season two’s lackluster and confusing season finale. From what I remember, Ash and the gang were still in the 1980’s at the end of the episode, during the big celebration of defeating evil. Now they are suddenly back in present day? Someone explained to me that at the end of season two the gang was actually back in present day. If so, it was poorly written and explained. Anyways, back to the new episode. Ash is the town hero (because somehow the people in present day knew he went back in time to kill evil? Eh, whatever, it’s awesome Bruce Campbell) and everyone is excited for his store to open with a huge crowd outside.


Cut to some barn where an auction is being held and conveniently a girl finds the Necromonicon in the dirt from last season (what?). We see Kelly in some random bar where she’s a bouncer who really doesn’t like people eating free pretzels or changing the tv channel. Where is Kelly? How far away is she? She conveniently sees the book of the dead on the tv because that auction is televised. The auctioneer is infatuated with the book and reads the passages right there and that summons evil, and Evil Ruby, played by the ever talented Lucy Lawless. I guess this is the same Evil Ruby from the end of season two? She takes the book from the auctioneer after a very awesome hook to his face that actually explodes his face unto the screen to create the title screen.


Transition to the local high school where get to meet Ash’s daughter Brandy, played by Arielle Carver-O’Neill, cleaning crude drawings off a locker with her friend, Rachel. They get attacked by a very evil high school mascot/deadite who seems to be lacking in team spirit. Brandy calls her mom, Candace, who happens to be outside the grand opening so she then seeks Ash for help. In addition, she informs him he has a daughter and that they were married. Cue some hilarious flashback of “young” Ash and Candace drunkenly getting married and conceiving Brandy. I’m not even sure when this flashback was suppose to take place in the timeline. Ya’ know, since last season everything after Evil Dead 2 never happened. Again, writing issues have plagued this awesome show. But any who…

ash vs evil dead, review, season 3, bruce campbell, evil dead

Now we have Evil Ruby in a hotel room with the book of the dead. She opens it up to the drawing of El Jefe in front of the castle, a la Army of Darkness. She cuts her hand and spreads her blood all over the page enough to where El Jefe disappears from the page. She then proceeds to lick the blood from her hands and begins to have some sort of crazy ass demon baby birth. Back to the high school where Ash, Pablo, and Candace are looking for Brandy and Rachel. Pablo’s dialogue here includes a throw away line about how they came back from the past and nothing has changed. This has to be included just to have things make some sort of sense here.


The three find Brandy and Rachel in a band room hiding. Candace introduces Brandy to her daddy. Meanwhile, Rachel has turned into a deadite and attacks the group. This sequence was great with some fantastic practical effects that were missing from the last season. I mean, they did have some practical effects last season but I may have to go watch it again to get an idea of how much. One example is Candace getting decaptiated by a drum symbol and Rachel getting one of the coolest deaths I’ve seen on television. Her face was sliced up with a harp, filet style. This was a VERY GOOD mix of practical and a little bit of VFX. Ash then gets pulled out of the band room window into the hallway by the mascot deadite where Ash is about to bite it for. Then Kelly comes out of nowhere (how did she find them?) and saves Ash’s hide. She has with her a new character, Dalton, played by Lindsay Farris. He seems to worship Ash and I guess he’s part of the Ghostbeaters now? Ash seems pretty inviting here even though new people more times than not turn out to be evil or just straight up dead. 

I’m gonna’ wrap it up now but overall I really enjoyed the season premier. As I said before, writing has plagued this show since season one but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. If you want to watch Ash kick deadite ass, then go subscribe to STARZ or for just $8.99/month, or stream it through Amazon, or how I watch it, get the STARZ streaming service on IOS or Android and watch it on the go! Support horror and #bringbackboomstick!

Chainsaw Score: 4/5 Chainsaws





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