Dead Shack: Zombie Attack Movie Review


If your looking for a movie dripping with zombie backbone and no backstory where adolescents get to batter up and become the heroes, then armor up and get ready to hotdog it through these woods.

Welcome to Peter Ricq’s Dead Shack Where a 14 year old boy tags along with his friends and, their party on irresponsible ratchet father and, his drunken hungover girlfriend go on a winter getaway in the woods where they have no idea what the next door neighbor ( Lauren Holly ) is hiding among her unicorn collectibles.


If your a fan of The Goonies and The Evil Dead franchise you’ll be able to stomache the corny jokes and, overall mishaps. Everything from having your piss be too loud as an intruder is trying to kill an adult in the next room, to drinking poisioned wine while breaking in to a cannibal killers house already intoxicated as all hell wielding  an axe


The standout character in this film is actually the score. Gives you a very retro feel to camoflauge the lack of zombie astetics and, story of how this all began in the first place.

It’s no Romero but, if you can see it for what it is you’ll have survived…. this time!!

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