Alexa: Hardwired for Fun! (?)

#amazon #alexa #laughter #creepy #robot

Horror film sprung to life, or poltergeist pal trying to express their good will?

In the last few weeks, Amazon’s Alexa units have been reported to power on themselves and issue unsettling laughter.

Okay, Alexa isn’t randomly humming a company jingle or spewing messages of hate in electronic tongues, but her recent outbursts have (rightfully) frightened and confused users.

Alexa units are apparently uttering their ghoulish laughter randomly throughout the day, and worse, in the middle of the night.

#amazon #alexa #laughter #creepy #what

If this an elaborate ruse to gain attention, I think Amazon’s celebrity Super Bowl campaign where Alexa lost her voice is far more charming than having their units channel Vincent Price.

While it’s unclear whether these recent outbursts are part of a publicity stunt or practical joke, Scary Basement Media has compiled a list of ways to incorporate Alexa’s giggles into your daily life.

#checklist #amazon #alexa #creepy #laughter

1. Only watch sitcoms until the situation clears itself. Her inevitable outbursts will blend into studio laugh tracks.

2. Truly immerse yourself in the daydream of having your own reality show. You have spontaneous audience appreciation!

3. Implement the “Alexa Exercise Challenge”! Every time her throaty chuckles interrupt your thoughts, mix it up with some squats, lunges, or sprints towards your nearest exit!

4. Finally you have a great excuse to clean out your underwear drawer! We guarantee you’ll be racing through the old and christening the new when Alexa suddenly makes her giddy self known!

When you’re home.


5. Pretend you’re a valuable extra in the Terminator sequels!


Or, you can simply unplug or disable your Alexa unit.

However you choose to ignore or accept Alexa’s new tricks, find peace in the knowledge that we still possess opposable thumbs.

We will be necessary after the Robo-pocalypse to create great monuments for our Cylindrical Overlord.

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**NOTE** Amazon is currently aware of and working to fix this problem.

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