Review: Monkey Farm

Indie horror is a wonderful thing. Wacky storylines, kitschy characters, and delightfully gratuitous gore all thrive in these low budget gems.

Although this particular brand of horror has been on the up and up lately, it does by no means imply that a film with these characteristics is destined to sparkle in the indie spotlight. A harsh reality for Ian Messenger’s Monkey Farm.

The film follows a documentary team in pursuit of exposing the cruelties of animal testing and end up entangled in a half-baked local legend about a ferocious monkey-beast.


An interesting plot, an attempt to shed light on a serious issue? Perhaps. But any valiant effort to create some inspired horror magic is thwarted by a painful lack of forethought.

Limited means (financial or otherwise) in no way restricts good dialogue, decent story progression or adequate pacing that make a film enthralling and keeps your pulse going fast.

Although, one might hope these issues could be overlooked and this film could turn around and be “so bad it’s good” like some magical few that become cult; Monkey Farm just falls flat.


Overall, Monkey Farm is a painful, slow burn demonstration of a film student who should’ve thought about their film longer than two hours before his finals deadline. “Some stories should never be told” indeed.

What are your thoughts horror fans?

Scream-O-Meter: Ah!

Genre: Arduous student film your buddy keeps asking you to support via Indigogo

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