Night Prowler Video creates horror/comedy Halloween fan film

halloween, fan film, he waits, horror, comedy

While we wait until October for Blumhouse’s new Halloween film, I want to treat you to a tasty morsel the Halloween franchise. Night Prowler Video has created a scary and fun short film inspired by Carpenter’s classic movies. I haven’t been giving enough of Scary Basement Media’s attention to short films lately. Hell, short films is one of the main missions that inspired me to create this little horror and genre company. Luckily, Night Prowler Video reached out to me with this little gem of a movie that was thoroughly satisfying on a horror and comedy level.

To be honest, before I pressed play, I was thinking this may be just another poorly produced Halloween fan films. We’ve all seen them with the lack of cinematic lighting, shitty sound design, and ketchup blood effects. He Waits is none of the above. From the beginning of Night Prowler Video’s epic retro inspired logo and theme, the nostalgia feels kick in. The horror synth continued through the film to my great delight. Cinematography is on point as well for a low budget  short film. I’ll let you see and hear all of this for yourself. Watch the short film below and let us know what you think!

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