It’s Getting Hot In Here- A Hell’s Kitty Movie Review

Some of you fiendish kitty lovers might already be familiar with the writings and works of Nicholas Tana whose real life inspired pussy Angel, has already had its web series and comic book success. Now it’s time for her blood soaked red carpet premiere in the form of a full length feature film.

Most victims in this movie are well beloved horror icons from decades of iconic roles that will never be forgotten. The characters they play are even named to spark your horror trivia minds. A huge pull to feast on this catnip of horror eye candy is the nonstop cameo appearances.



The plot is simplistic enough to follow. A man loves his cat enough to spend most of his time in the apartment with her but, has quite enough guests for the demonic kitty to eat well. Jealousy and over obsessed love is the root for the revengeful possessed cat in not wanting to share her love.


Screenshot taken by: Kymbear

You get to engage in nostalgia while being entertained by past #scarygood apperances. I about squealed in delight when saw the Killer Klown from Outer Space or, Dale Midkaff having another catfight, this time in a way more revealing ensemble.

It’s one you can even through the official website indulge in an unofficial drinking game.


How many lives does it take for you to chase this one down and watch?

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