“Terrifier” Art Gone Terribly Certifiable: A Movie Review.


If you have read some of my previous reviews for SCARY BASEMENT MEDIA one tidbit of information about me keeps repeating itself. I do not like clowns, yet I keep watching plenty of horrors who star the overly worn makeup lovers. The things I do for you people. 🙂

Terrifier is the creation of Damien Leone. His nightmarish version of the most demented scary looking clown goes to Art. Art the clown smiles in your direction and, you can feel your own insides telling you to find the nearest body to cling too. If any of you horror fiends find Art familiar you’d be correct. Damien made him first appear in our nightmares in the All Hallows Eve franchise. If you thought Michael Myers was the only psychopath serial killer to worry about on Halloween you’d better not gamble any of your precious body parts on that wrong assumption.


Let’s give you some plot notes. Two women go to a very sketch area in town on Halloween. Get wasted and need to call in a sister who has a very long drive ahead of her. Now one of them has already killed her cell battery over using it on social media. The other wants to eat her pizza in pieces. Art walks in only to oblige. From here the tension only gets worse and, the score makes you feel more in danger then Jamie Lee Curtis hiding from a Prom Night date from hell.


After chowing down on dinner your headed to an abandoned warehouse where Willard might of once worked because he’s left plenty of his pets behind. If you like gore you will be pleasantly disturbed. The terrifier tears your insides apart and, reminds you of classics like the Playstation game Clock Tower as well as Sleepaway Camp
If you thought that was it how about the fact he makes Billy from the Saw movies look like a muppet baby.


All eyes on Art because there are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who kill and then the ones who observe. Are you ready to piss your clown pants? Check it out you won’t be yelling send in the clowns soon after watching this one!!!

Terrifier is available through multiple VOD platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and VUDU.

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