“A Quite Place” Spoiler Movie Review-Let’s Make Some Noise!!


John Krasinski and his real life wife Emily Blunt want to tell you a story and, they will do it mostly in silence. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t be gripping the armpieces of your chair almost the entire time.

I can’t do a proper review on this thriller without throwing away quite a few spoilers so if you want to see this one don’t read past this point.

Aside from a friend of mine mentioning wanting to see this movie months prior to its release I had gone in completely unaware of the plot. I came out feeling super tense but, logically there are many issues I want to belt out in frustrations.

First off, if you want a movie who tells you how the shit hit the fan your not getting it here. I’m quite used to that having seen as many movies as I have so wasn’t a huge dealbreaker.


However, I have a disturbance in my force when a younger child within the first scenes are aware of an alien life form having to silence the rest of his family and, not just because his sister is deaf and, still proceeds to want a toy with batteries that makes noise. When his dad explains just that he proceeds to walk out and, leave the smaller kids to fend with their own decisions on whether it’s a good idea to keep the toy anyway. Bonehead move especially after almost knocking it off the shelf even before being told he can’t have it. One character will have to live with that guilt.

These alien lifeforms kinda give me a mash-up of a Langolier from the mind of Stephen King and a Stranger Things Demodog.

The characters are limited but, there are a few more locations then bodies. Even the amount of threats are miniscule in numbers. They just happen to be very adept at hearing most noises. I say most because just so happens if there’s a bigger noise in the same vicinity you can then release some pent up screams. Even though in this movie one noise is not close enough to warrant the monsters not being able to determine the difference in feet. Oh well not every movie can hold up to logic.


I do laugh out loud at the fact you even think twice about eating popcorn in this movie yet not one individual had to sneeze or, cough CMON!! No, the intensity only hits it’s peak when a child is born. Not only is she by herself when her water breaks she happens to step on a protruding nail sticking out of the steps. You can already summize she’s barefoot too. Aren’t all women who are pregnant barefoot? HA!

There’s a few suicides well, one is an unselfless act the other from utter heartbreak but, still those aliens need their death count up don’t they?

With as many frustrations as there are and there’s alot. Who thought it was a good idea to have a baby? Instantly my mind raced of how they’d keep the darling quiet. I never imagined it would be in a sealed box. They manage to semI sound proof one part of the house but, don’t attempt to do the entire building? Hmmm again it’s annoying if you pick it apart but, nonetheless it still had me needing a massage afterwards.

It’s a far better story then Cloverfield but, at one scene in particular I also was hoping to see some Children Of The Corn cameos. I can always rewatch Hell’s Kitty for that.

What did you think of the movie and my logical breakdown of its contents. Let me know in the comment section below.

2 Replies to ““A Quite Place” Spoiler Movie Review-Let’s Make Some Noise!!”

  1. I loved this movie, he did a great job. Since The Devil Wears Prada I’ve loved Emily as well. Since it was so quiet you could hear every squeal and gasp. I enjoyed it though.


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