Rampage Movie Review: Dwayne Johnson Cooks Up More Nostalgia.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once again takes us on a nostalgic journey into our childhoods. This hero must really love playing with animals that could eat him alive. He can tame the wildest of beasts but, not without loads of laughter and, intensified action scenes.

This movie is loosely based off the Midway game but, it’s quite obvious after encountering a giant rat that this franchise can continue with way more animals in the future. Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson) very much prefers his interaction with a very humorous albino gorilla named George. Audience really enjoyed the banter between these two costars throughout the film.


When a mission fails a chemical is exposed making George the gorilla way more trouble then Curious George for the man in the yellow hat.. Ralph the wolf also very much causes wreckage wherever he goes, to the point of sheer shock at the end. Wolves can’t do that dammit!! Ralph even manages to take out a character some ladies might shed a tear on. However, the last beast we meet is by far the most burdensome, Lizzie the prehistoric looking crocodile just won’t roll over until we are screaming for her death.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan lends a hand in being a lovable asshole without the likes of his precious bat Lucille he won’t leave home without on The Walking Dead He traded his leather jacket for a suit but, still captivates with his charming wit and smartass comments.


Naomie Harris plays Dr. Kate Caldwell and tells Davis she can save his friend from the mutation that has caused Project Rampage. Only thing is can this woman be trusted or, does she have ulterior motive to lie?

What you can expect from directorBrad Peyton? A thrill ride that has mass destruction in major cities and in space, a bunch of laughs, fighting between beasts that don’t die easily. If you love movies like Godzilla, King Kong, and any movie that super sizes their monsters all while giving gamers that urge to run home and bust out the old NES system like me you won’t be disappointed. I’d definitely see this one a bunch more & here’s to hoping the franchise continues.

Images of myself, Kymbear with my original Nintendo Rampage cartridge, pretending to wreck havoc on a building like George,Ralph and Lizzie at the New York International Auto Show and, at the press prescreening viewing where we were introduced by way of extra clip to the movie by Dwayne Johnson himself.

All photo credentials of Kymbear courtesy of Julio Camacho




Special thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures and Lowes Lincoln Square Theater for having me & my guest attend for this review.

Will you be seeing this film in the theaters let us know here at Scary Basement Media down in the comments!!

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