Night Prowler Video checks a bag in ‘Suitcases’ horror short film

A while back we featured a Halloween fan film titled, He Waits, that was fantastic! Night Prowler Video is back with another exceptional short film, Suitcases. Just as with He Waits, this film utilizes a synth score that really drives the atmosphere of the story. The camera work really stands out here and can be the difference between a good and bad looking short film. The story is short and sweet and will leave you with an eerie feeling after watching.

“When Sandra’s luggage shows up at home before she does her boyfriend Sean worries where she is. He soon finds out.” – Night Prowler Video’s YouTube page. 

Suitcases is written and directed by D.M. Cunningham. It stars Ben Begley, and Julianne Dowler.

Check out the short film below and let us know what you think! Share with all your horror fiends!

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