Deep Blue Sea 2- This Movie is Full of Bull… Sharks, That Is!!


Just when you thought it was safe to do a standalone sequel, you get a movie that very much feels like a lower budget remake instead. Not to say this film isn’t enjoyable but, it very much mimics the first installment just with a few added fish bites and, a downgraded cast.

If it sounds like I disliked it, you’d be wrong in your assumptions. I’m just simply telling my truths as I saw them. The acting is good but, in comparison to LL Cool J pissed off they killed his bird and, Samuel L. Jacksons’ jumpscare scene you’ll most likely want to rewatch the 1999 original after seeing this one.


Dr. Misty Calhoun ( Danielle Savre) is an expert when it comes to sharks and she’s called on by a billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach) who has been testing on the viciously known attacking bull shark species. A few more scientific tests need to be achieved before it can be proved that we can transform every human being into a genius. Can you imagine how many more problems we’d have if people with God complexes were running our country and, intelligent as well.? I’ll leave that wisecrack to float amid the gene pool šŸ˜€


The majority of the movie takes its script right from the first installment even the location of the underwater facility. The only differences are…*SPOILER WARNING* you have a rich man ingesting the genetically enhanced product himself and, you get a pregnant shark who gives birth to a crap ton of baby piranha sharks thirty for your blood.

It’s worth the watch if your expectations are not on this movie to outlive the original. Deepest bluest my hat is like a sharks fin. Hell even the soundtrack from the ’99 movie has a lasting place in my non genetic compromised with brain.

Are you a fan of the first Deep Blue Sea? Is it enough to make you go out and purchase the sequel? Let me know chums in the comment section below.

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