Looking Glass Movie Review- Take A Peek At This!!


This thriller is for the voyeur in you. It stars Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney. Both actors have given us far more memorable roles then Looking Glass but, let’s take a peek into what could have easily been a Lifetime movie.

Ray and Maggie have tragically lost their daughter. As it turns out both of them were neglectful at the time of death yet, instead of being in jail both decide to start over and purchase a motel from a shifty man who doesn’t even greet them as they arrive. He refuses to leave a number where he can be reached and you already fully sense something is not right.


There’s loads of things that need fixing and the local policeman offers his services and only wants to be paid by a hot cup of coffee. Suprisingly they did not shoot for the donut joke and tried to keep this a straight suspense thriller. Only problem is it drags quit a bit.
Aside from a loyal married customer who consistently brings in young girls to have his way with and a lesbian dominatrix who brings her clients there it pretty much tries to be a lowkey Alfred Hitchcock Psycho.
It’s not really until the pig hits the pool that your wondering who is responsible for the deaths occurring at the motel. Everyone seems to love room 10, except for the cleaning lady. Little do they know there is a two way mirror that allows the perverted to gain access to more then the customers are paying for.


To be frankly honest if your good at guessing the plot twists this one is a quick check-in because it’s pretty straight forward in its perverseness. This peep show is adequate if you don’t drop more then a few singles on it.

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