The Strangers: Prey At Night- Movie Review


The Strangers: Prey At Night took a decade after its predecessor yet the family being tormented this time learned nothing worthwhile from countless horrors to come before it.

If one more hello would have occurred expecting a reply I might have screamed so loud myself it would have gotten attention.


I don’t know about you guys but, if you show up to an abandoned trailer park and some random girl knocks on the door twice asking for the same woman. Right then and there I’d consider staying somewhere else.

I could have sworn their car wouldn’t start once they discovered the first dead body but, i can admit when I’m wrong. Unfortunately I was correct in assuming the second huge thing most storylines do and that’s let the driver wreck the car before getting any kind of distance away from the strangers.

If that wasn’t bad enough they think it’s a good idea to separate from each other and get picked off one by one. Very typical in your standards of horror lore.


The biggest jumpscare is easily accessible and promoted so aside from the creepy factor of the masks and wondering why these psychos get a kick out of tormenting their victims it’s just a case of cat and mouse.


There is an axe and some stop to wade in the water but, this movie didn’t give me chills or, even give me the itch to rewatch the first film.

Have you seen this yet? Give me your thoughts on the franchise would you like to see it continue? Possibly get a prequel and some backstory?

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