“10×10” A Very Limiting Spoiler Movie Review


Lewis (Luke Evans) on a seemingly ordinary day kidnaps Kathy, (Kelly Reilly)in a parking lot in broad daylight. I was already tilting my head questioning how a class had just been let out and, yet nobody saw the time taken to transfer the body into the car. I knew then that I’d have a dissatisfying taste in my mouth from the journey foward.

Lewis has a nice place and, within it the only aspect that was smart in the plot. He built a soundproof room with a closing door and, movable wall to hide the suspicion of any incredulous activities.


As the plot progresses you sense Kathy is not at all who she portrays being on the outside world to a backstory we only are brought in on in words. There are no back flashes to the unveiling of the crimes she’s commited in her past.

There are so many mishaps from a man who through interior design looks like he’d know what he’s doing. When the cops are alerted the third act picks up but, only in body count.


This thriller is suitable for a kid being held hostage momentarily as its edginess is only as sharp as its knife.

As much as I didn’t find the need to write a detailed review on Breaking In that is actually a better movie overall.

It’s been a hot horror minute since I’ve writen a review and, I’m sorry this one only evokes an I can’t find anything else to watch kind of engagement.

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