Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom Won’t Fail To Cause A Stampede In The Theaters.


This is the one folks. The movie I anticipated the most. Hard to believe how long ago now the franchise has been around. Yet, it still causes me massive amounts of anxiety!! There’s just something dynamic about the way these dinosaurs move onscreen that makes you want to make sure you emptied out your bowel and bladders. I know disgusting thought ,but it’s just as gross to see a man being torn into pieces by these massive creatures.


Chris Pratt is back as our Dino whisperer. Many may prefer him as Starlord but, there’s no doubt us ladies love his hypotizing relaxing charm as Owen.

The first half of the movie takes us back to the island to save as many species as possible before the volcano erupts. Of course not much time goes by before chaos literally erupts and our stars are left to skirt danger by Dino herd. You thought a mosh pit might be brutal then try booking it through volcanic ash right along side a T-Rex or two.


There’s also a horrific horror fiend, Ted Levine cast in this movie. You don’t have to worry about putting the lotion in the basket. However, you do need to watch out for his tranquilizer gun. Will he play a better villain then Buffalo Bill He’s definitely not as menacing as our new breed, The Indoraptor


It’s far more then just a clever meshing of science. You do not want to play hide and go seek with this beast. Talk about tense moments. This is where I found myself practicing my yoga breathing the most.

Jeff Goldblum is present but, make sure your not late getting in as he’s fairly early in and pleasantly *Spoiler Alert* appears again in the end. Stay put for the extra scene.
Some critics may be talking poop particles , but IMO this is still a better film then Jurassic Park III.

Who’s running to the theaters now to wait in line?

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