NECA announces Nightmare on Elm Street 3 accessory packs

NECA is one of the best makers of adult collectable figures and toys. The likeness’ are always soft on and the detail is extraordinary. My shelves are populated by a number of figures from their collections.

Recently, NECA announced a Friday the 13th accessory set that was BEAUTIFUL. They’ve followed that set up with every Nightmare fan’s umm, dream. The set includes the famous Freddy worm and the iconic Freddy in the tv set scene from Dream Warriors. check out the pics below! The set will be available November 2018.

Set includes:

– Freddy Worm (as seen in Dream Warriors) – Stands over 12” tall! Features an articulated head and a display base styled as broken floor boards.
– Freddy TV (as seen in Dream Warriors) – Can be mounted on a diorama wall or displayed on desk or shelf. The arms are articulated and the antenna on Freddy’s head can be positioned.
– Elm Street signs – Includes both regular and “nightmare” versions of the street sign that stand over 10” tall. – NECA

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