Halloween Horror Nights slashes back with ‘Halloween 4’ haunt

Halloween, Halloween horror nights, Michael Myers

I’ve gone to Halloween Horror Nights every year for the past 12 years. Some houses are AMAZING and some are just meh. Either way, I always have a terrorific time and leave with tons of great memories. This year both HHN Orlando and Hollywood, will have a haunt based on Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. It was just announced today so details are minimal. I assume it will have plenty of Jamie Lloyd references. I wonder what mask it will utilize? The mask design in the original Halloween 4 is pretty controversial. You either love it or hate it, ha. Anyways, check it the short promo clip for the upcoming haunt! Will you be going this year?


halloween movie, enamel pin, horror pin

Mr. Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Movie Inspired Enamel Pin (Preorder)

The BOOGEYMAN has been creative this year! These soft enamel pins are 1.5″ tall and double rubber clutch posted. Each order comes with the regular version and the "Boogeyman Hands" variant. They were inspired by the upcoming Halloween movie. NOTE: This item is a preorder and will ship in September.



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