Toy Fair & NECA teases with new Halloween 3, Friday the 13th, and Predator action figures

Halloween 3, NECA, toy fair, 2019

Every year NECA makes my wallet lighter and lighter with all the absolutely stunning collectables it teases at Toy Fair. This year is no different! NECA is a licensing samurai and always creates the best toys from the coolest franchises. This year we have They Live, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, Predator, and much much more! Finally, a Halloween 2 figure is being released with, get this, a freaking Ben Tramer alternate head! How cool is that? Fans have been screaming for a Friday the 13th 5 Roy figure for years and it looks like we will get our bloody fingers on one this year.

More Halloween (2018) goodies are on the way too. A cloth version of Michael Myers and an ultimate Laurie Strode in all her bad assery. These are going to look great on the shelf! Laurie is WAY overdue for her own action figure

Halloween, 2018, toy fair, michael myers, laude strode

One of the most surprising (at least to me) is the inclusion of a certain new Predator figure. We aren’t talking about another variation of the classic Predator look, nope. This is a figure of the Predator as it looked when Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast the Predator before he was replaced with Kevin Peter Hall. I hope it comes with an alternate JCVD head! Check out this bad boy!

JCVD, predator, toy fair, 2019, neca

My wallet will hate me but my shelves will love me after all is said and done. Just for the fun of it, below is a video that goes into more info about JCVD and the Predator debacle, if you haven’t seen it.

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