View at your own risk- A paranormal Review


In this paranormal documentary we follow Zak Bagans lead investigator and host of t.vs hit show Ghost Adventures, and his fellow paranormal investigators as they investigate what looks like a simple house. Hearing of a case of probable possession Zak and his team travel to Gary Indiana to investigate the claims. Upon arrival what they find is a wake of mental anguish and bodily devastation of its former tenants and even their children. 

The small home in Gary Indiana. 

The film itself isn’t so much scary as it is mind boggling. With witnesses and former residents of the home stating absolutely bizarre and preternatural incidents Zak and his crew fall into a spiral of what is assumed one of the most haunting cases of the paranormal the world has seen. Studying and investigating the paranormal is what they do, but they got more than they bargained for as strange occurrences cause strife on their personal lives and their mental status. This Gary Indiana case sparked so much controversy between the paranormal community and the scientific community. Some claiming that it was all power of suggestion coupled with mental illness and manipulation that made this whole concept of this haunting possible. But throughout the film there are also other strange occurrences that eradicate the theory of power of suggestion.  Throughout the film you come face to face with the truth of what dealing with a evil entity can essentially do to your body and mind turning it into a mind boggling case of faith versus reality.


Following Zak throughout the investigation we hear many different aspects of the case including some of the personal influence it has had. The nightmarish horned creature that seems to be a constant aspect in Zaks nightmares or the frightening confrontation that comes after when his crew falls prey to that very same being.  Although not frightening it is definitely terrifying in a different way. It makes you question the foundations of the reality we sit on, and the reality and fuzzy safe complex we rely on. It made me question so many different aspects of life. Do these beings exist? Was this real or was it power of suggestion? So many questions but very little answers. 

The large horned beastlike creature that follows Zak from his nightmares into reality.

Unfortunately for those of us who are fascinated with the paranormal and with this specific case the small house in Gary Indiana no longer exists. After seeing all the mental and physical damage it has caused Zak Bagans purchased and demolished the home leaving only a few choice objects to remain in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. What remains isn’t much but the story will be told for years to come. 

The only remaining items left of the house in Gary Indiana

Although not terrifying the movie offers a sneak peak into the lives of a paranormal investigator and the dangers that they also put themselves through to get a investigation completed. The story has so many other aspects that are interesting and the house itself has a unique history. It is definitely one of those movies that if your not afraid of the paranormal, you should probably watch.  Its a great insight and a terrifying ordeal for both the investigators and the others involved. Remember the infamous warning “View at your own risk” 

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